Jalapeños, Chiles, Tomatillos, Beans and More


These Mexican-inspired favorites show that Señor Pepe’s understands the importance of giving our customers the freedom to create dishes that are flavorful and unique.


Jalapeno Peppers and Canned Chiles

Señor Pepe's Sliced Jalapeno Peppers

Señor Pepe’s Sliced Jalapeno Peppers
6 x 10A    |    CTN

Senior Pepe's whole jalapeno peppers

Señor Pepe’s Whole Jalapeno Peppers
6 x 10A   |    CTN

Chipotle Chile Sauce

Chipotle Chile Sauce
6 x 10A   |   12 x 27 oz    |    CTN

Chipotle Chiles (Whole) In Adobo

Whole Chipotle Chiles In Adobo
6 x 10A   |   12 x 27 oz    |    CTN

Green Chiles Whole

Whole Green Chiles
6 x 10A   |   12 x 27 oz    |    CTN


Tomatillo Whole Green

Whole Green Tomatillos
6 x A10    |    CTN

Tomatillo Crushed (Green Spanish Tomato)

Crushed Tomatillos
6 x A10    |    CTN


black beans in water

Black Beans In Water
6 x A10    |    CTN

pinto beans in water

Pinto Beans In Water
6 x A10    |    CTN

Senor Pepes refried beans

Refried Beans
6 x A10    |    CTN

Specialty Items

Señor Pepe's Cheddar Cheese Sauce

Señor Pepe’s Cheddar Cheese Sauce
6 x A10    |    CTN

cuitlacoche corn mold

Cuitlacoche (Corn Mold)
12 x 380 gms    |    CTN


12 x 30    |    CTN

Nopalitos tender cactus

Nopalitos (Tender Cactus)
12 x 32 oz    |    CTN

White Hominy

White Hominy (Extra Large Corn)
12 x 29 oz    |    CTN

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