Specialty Products


Señor Pepe’s makes it easy to capture the heritage of Mexican flavors with an ever-growing assortment of specialty products. From corn husk wrappers to salted corn nuts, we’ve got what you need to cook with a twist.


Soup Base, Corn Husk, Seeds And More

chicken soup base

Chicken Base
1 x 1 kg    |    PKT

Corn Husks

Corn Husk (Wrappers For Tamales)
500 gms    |    PKT

dry hibiscus flowers

Dried Hibiscus Flowers (Jamaica)
1 x 1 kg    |    PKT

roasted, salted corn nuts

Roasted, Salted Pepitas (Shelled Pumpkin Seeds)
500 gms    |    PKT

piloncilo sugar

Piloncilo (Unrefined Rock Brown Sugar)
500 gms    |    PKT

cajeta vanilla caramel spread

Vanilla Cajeta (Milk Carmel Spread)
12 x 11 oz    |    CTN


bread crumbs

Breading Standard
4 x 2.5 kgs    |    CTN

bread crumbs

Breading Spicy
4 x 2.5 kgs    |    CTN

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